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Dec 4, 2015

There are many ways to get started with offering business advisory services.

Within ESS BIZTOOLS, we suggest that you have a small seminar for a number of clients and then have one-on-one meetings with your key clients, to talk to them relative to the future development activities they would like to see in their business.

A unique way is to participate in a “Global Business Camp”. Don’t let the word “camp” put you off… the business “camp” in a 5-star resort on the Gold Coast. The general concept is for accountants to bring a number of clients to the camp for 3 days of discussions, team meetings and bonding, to review the key ingredients to conducting a successful business. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to work with your clients and encourage them to work ON their businesses, rather than in their businesses.

The other significant benefit is that the camp is conducted by John Tsoulos, a very experienced accountant from Adelaide, who has been conducting Global Business Camps for the last 15 years. John will be assisted by some of the most influential accountancy mentors in Australia:
• Andrew Geddes
• David Smith
• Mark Holton

The business camps are built around 6 SecretsTM to success, comprising:
• Beginning with the end in mind
• Planning for success
• Growing your business
• Managing your business
• Valuing your business
• Freedom
• The outcome you’re looking for

This concept is very similar to those contained within ESS BIZTOOLS but the presentation is in a totally different format.

ESS BIZTOOLS has negotiated an outstanding VIP rate for members and visitors to ESS BIZTOOLS, if you wish to participate in Global Business Camps, which will be held at the Gold Coast on 14-16 March 2016. The VIP rate is $2,200 (including GST) per person, normally at $2,970 (including GST) per person.

An added bonus for you as an accountant is that, if you sign up 5 or more people, you’ll be entitled to a free admission. This is a great way to get away and work with your clients to set their strategies for 2016.

Click here for more information on Global Business Camps.

To take advantage of the VIP rate, click here to complete the registration (download the file and open with Adobe to be able to fill in the form) and send to

To gain a more in-depth understanding of the processes utilised by ESS BIZTOOLS in developing material to assist accountants to develop a new range of products, a complimentary copy of an article, “Turning Your Business Into A ‘Client Business Centre’”, is attached with this transcript.

In this regard, we’re happy to join with Global Business Camps at this time, to promote their unique way of allowing you to have a uninterrupted period of time to have quality discussions with your clients.


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