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Jul 23, 2021

One of our Affiliates has agreed to support professional firms who subscribe to ESS BIZTOOLS’ Special Package Offers before 6th August 2021 with ten packages being available to the first ten new subscribers to ESS BIZTOOLS.


Jul 16, 2021

This was the response that Andrew Geddes, Australian Accounting Industry Mentor and Coach, gave to a question that was asked in a recent webinar “Why Should Accountants Proactively Deliver Business Advisory Services To Their Clients?”  Click here to listen to the webinar.


Jul 2, 2021

The process of the preparation of a three-way financial forecast, which is known as “Predictive Accounting”, adds real value to the input that an accountant can make to a client’s business.

The recording of past events is the “writing of history”.  What is more important for the client is for them to be able...