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Aug 4, 2015

Accountants are facing increased competition from a range of sources, including outsourcing.

A conference in Melbourne on the 27th July 2015, organised by Smithink, heard that all types of work is now being undertaken in the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Malaysia, for companies, trusts, superannuation funds and individual.

The work is being undertaken by qualified accountants working in high-security environments.

The Australian firms that are participating in outsourcing are achieving substantial savings in their operating costs.

This will free some of the accountants from sitting behind their desks and give them the opportunity to talk to clients and sell them more services.

Business advisory services is an ideal service to offer to businesses as a means of utilising some of the freed-up time Australian accountants are going to have available.

If you would like to receive our paper on the introduction of business advisory services, please contact us.

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