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Mar 30, 2016

To be successful, accountants offering a broader range of services have to be part of the “client’s team”.


In the first instance, you will need to:


Study your client’s Business and Industry

For items such as:

  • The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) relating to this business and to the...

Mar 21, 2016

This is certainly going to be a challenge for most accountancy businesses. One of the big questions is: “Where to start?”

Part of this “start” preparation would include the development of an “elevator pitch”, something that you can talk to people you meet, literally in an elevator or in other casual...

Mar 14, 2016

I believe that 2016 will be acknowledged as being the “year of business advisory services”. This is what the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s publication, “Accounting Market Pulse”, has predicted.

The first phase is the preparation phase, to lay the foundations for a very successful segment of your work, which...

Mar 10, 2016

Most aspects of running a business involve legal issues of some kind. Legal compliance is very important if your business is going to be successful. Failure to implement appropriate legal strategies can cause you stress and could, in fact, lead to business failure.

There are appropriate legal services available from...

Mar 7, 2016

When most accountants commence work, systems have already been implemented for taxation returns, annual accounts, audits, insolvency for some firms and superannuation funds.

In the same way, the systems, probably better known as “foundations”, need to be implemented for business advisory services as the...