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Sep 25, 2018

What do you want your accountancy business to look like in 1 to 2 years’ time?

The same as it looks at present or have you developed a strategy for the future or are you thinking about a strategy for the future?

What are your firm’s Key Performance Indicators – have you compared them to other firms who are...

Sep 19, 2018

If you want your accountancy firm to be differentiated in the marketplace and recognised as a market leader, then offering a proactive service on the new Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising for private companies will assist your accountancy firm to:

  • earn a higher average fee per client
  • create new client...

Sep 17, 2018

The Senate passed the Corporations Amendment (Crowd Sourced Funding for Proprietary Companies) Bill 2017 on 12th September 2018.  The legislation will be operational 28 days after Royal Assent.  This means the legislation will be operational from approximately 15th October 2018. 

Sep 17, 2018

Would you be happy if your accountancy business was able to achieve the following within the next 2 years?


“Accountancy firms with new income streams, higher average fee per client, complying with many SME expectations and providing varied and interesting work which will assist in team recruitment and...

Sep 5, 2018

Would it work for your accountancy business if you were able to start “new income streams” within 2 months?

Would you be happy to supply these types of services to your clients which will assist your firm in combating the ongoing “commoditisation of taxation returns”?