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Apr 26, 2017

Crowd Source Funding is a “new revenue stream” for the Australian accounting industry.


One of the benefits is that you do not require a “special license” to act as an advisor to a company which is interested in seeking capital by utilising Crowd Sourced Funding.


Crowd Sourced Funding presents accountancy...

Apr 19, 2017

A new opportunity for small/medium enterprises, inventors and entrepreneurs has emerged with the passing by the Australian Senate of the Australian government’s Crowd Sourced Funding Amendments to the Corporations Act.


SMEs and others now have three distinct opportunities where they can raise capital from the public...

Apr 10, 2017

CCH iFirm presented a very interesting webinar earlier this week which raised a number of questions relating to how you might go about building a “Future Fit Accountancy Business”.


What do you need to create an outstanding accountancy business?

  • Curiosity
  • Focus on building value for your clients


How do you view...

Apr 3, 2017

Have you contacted your clients to ascertain their debtors' days outstanding?  How many of your clients have debtors' days outstanding similar to the average figure determined in a worldwide review that identified Australia as having the “longest debtors' days outstanding in the World”?

The review, covering 80...

Apr 3, 2017

At long last the Australian parliament has passed the legislation that will enable companies to raise capital from the public.  This is a great decision for small medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and members of the public who wish to invest into a new type of company!

The legislation indicates that the only entities...