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Oct 18, 2015

This is an interesting question because, in many businesses around Australia within industries other than accounting, many operators are trying to score a 10/10 rating from their customers and/or clients on their customer service.

What rating would you receive?

How would your clients rate you on:
• Debtors' Management?
• Cashflow Management?
• Personal Property Securities Register Due Diligence?
• Succession Planning?
• CFO Services – being the virtual CFO for your clients
• Cost Reviews – the area that, according to a CCH survey a couple of years ago, over 1,200 participating small businesses rated as their biggest single problem?
• Assistance in getting investment ready?
• Taking advantage of the opportunities from Business Angels?
• Preparing business plans?
• Identifying government grants?
• Corporate Governance?

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of challenges for accountants at present, including:
• Digital disruption
• Standard Business Reporting
• Competition from other accountants and consultants
• Tax returns becoming a commodity
• Outsourcing

I believe the biggest challenge of all for every accountant in Australia to answer is

Are you delivering the services your clients want?

How would your clients rate you on your services? Do you need to now develop a range of strategies to achieve 10/10?

If so, ESS BIZTOOLS and ESS BIZGRANTS are available to assist you on this very interesting but, we believe, necessary journey for the majority of accountancy firms in Australia to take, so that the delivery of services to the small/medium enterprise market is meeting the market’s stated requirements.

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