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Oct 9, 2018

  • Frustrated with the way that your team is responding to the challenge to provide a broader range of professional services – known as commercial services?
    • Can’t get everyone to see where you want to take your accountancy firm and your clients into a whole new era of business related services?
  • Want to develop a growth plan for 2019 incorporating your accountancy business and your key clients who want to receive additional commercial services to assist them to expand – possibly raising capital as a Crowd Sourced Funding Company but a little unsure where to start?
  • Does your team realise that, in this “new business world”, accountants along with all other professions, trades and retail businesses need to “sell” their products and services?
    • Does your team enthusiastically sell with purpose?
    • Does your business give value?
  • Is your workplace “safety alert”? What about your clients’ workplaces; are they “safety alert”?
    • Are your clients aware of the recent Federal Court decision on backdating holiday pay for casual staff? What potential effect will that decision have on your clients?
  • Are your firm’s Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety Manuals compliant? What about your clients’ manuals; are they compliant?