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Jun 24, 2015

Has your firm developed strategies for:
•    Digital Disruption – Deloitte has forecast a 32% change for accountancy businesses.  Should your firm be replenishing revenue streams?
•    Standard Business Reporting (SBR) – the ATO has forecast a minimum of $500M per annum “red tape reduction” and all of this is predicted to come from accountancy fees.
•    Cashflow Management – in October 2014, the Second Commissioner of the ATO has advised accountants to become consultants to small/medium enterprises, to assist them to better manage their cashflows.
•    Surveys of small/medium enterprises have indicated that they want more services from accountants.  The CCH report, “SMEs – the fine line between failure and success”, identified that small/medium enterprises wanted some additional services, such as:
-    management of costs
-    management monitoring
-    business plans
-    assistance in raising capital or loan funds
-    expansion advice

At the 2014 ATSA Conference, Jason Bender of Deloitte said, “If accountants are not really careful, the profession could really suffer.  Don’t let this happen on our watch!”

There’s a need for a transition to a new range of services for accountants to consider.

ESS BIZTOOLS provides a range of products and services, which will assist accountancy businesses to better position themselves in 2015/16 to offer these services.

First of all, we have a full suite of programs on assisting firms in preparing to offer business advisory services.

Then we have a range of products that are pre-prepared, ready for accountants to use to earn professional fees from business advisory services.  These include:
•    Product Modules
•    Debtors’ Management
•    Cashflow Management
•    Personal Property Securities Register Due Diligence System
•    Chief Financial Officer Services
•    Succession Planning

There’s a range of other products, such as:
•    Leadership Modules – to assist the accountancy businesses to develop some leadership training that can be offered to clients.
•    Papers and Articles – for clients to read and understand more about business operations.
•    Government Grant Identification – are your clients receiving their fair share of government grants?  They are there for all businesses, not just a select few.
•    Client Mentoring – material to assist in general business advice to your clients so that they’re better prepared to meet the challenges of the marketplace.

There’s also a range of marketing tools, including:
•    Regular monthly newsletter accountants can badge and send to their clients.
•    Client Seminar/Webinar programmes that can be delivered by individual accountancy firms.

Why not try ESS BIZTOOLS?  We invite you to visit our website,, and take advantage of our 30-day, no obligation free trial of the services that are offered.

Alternatively, you can visit and sign up for a 14-day trial of the system.

Indeed, there are challenges facing accountants in 2015/16.

We believe that the range of products produced by ESS BIZTOOLS will assist you to develop a diversified range of services to help your clients add-value.

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