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Jan 5, 2017

I'd like to take this opportunity of wishing you, your colleagues and your families a very Happy Christmas and I hope that 2017 will be very prosperous for you and your business.

Over the last six months the team at ESS BIZTOOLS has brought you comments on a wide range of business issues that, we believe, are important for accountants to think about as you plan the services for your clients.  As part of that planning, I would urge you to take into consideration feedback from the small/medium enterprise community as to the services that they require.  There have been a number of surveys conducted over recent years by CCH, MYOB, Smithink, universities and other organisations that have all indicated that small/medium enterprises want additional commercial services.

Some of you have said to me "that's not how it works with our clients, they don't want anything else other than taxation", but when I've said to those accountants have you sat down and had a conversation with your clients and have you talked to them about the additional services that you could provide and what was their reaction then, and some of them have admitted to me that, yeah maybe the clients thought that that work was normally done by other consultants because unfortunately the accountancy profession has ignored a lot of the issues that I'm going to talk about with you today and this has allowed other consultants to grab that space.  In lots of ways it's already happened with financial planning and it will happen in some other commercial areas unless accountants start offering a proper service.

Let's look at the issues that I've identified for 2017 as part of your resolutions: