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Oct 5, 2015

Clients’ expectations are changing. This has been verified by surveys undertaken by CCH and MYOB. These surveys have indicated that clients are looking for a wider range of non-compliance services, including:
• management of costs
• management monitoring
• business plans
• assistance in raising capital or loan funds
• future planning
• business analysis and interpretation
• raising finance
• succession or exit planning

Have you asked your clients what services they would like to receive from you? Has your firm thought about developing strategies to offer new services to your clients? What type of analysis have you done as to what your team members know about your clients?

Many small/medium enterprises claim that they want their accountants to know more about their business than just their Profit & Loss Account. What does that mean?

I believe it means knowing something about the industry in which your clients operate and the operational conditions under which they operate.

What types of government grants are available for people in their industry? Are you being proactive in identifying government grants for your clients?

What are the operational conditions under which your clients operate?

These are the issues I believe you should be thinking about as you plan the delivery of services in mid-2015, to make your clients very happy and content with your services, as you plan for 2016.


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