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Dec 11, 2017

If accountants want to be involved in an exciting “new income stream” – now is the time to make sure that your team has been trained and reviews have been undertaken to identify clients who might be interested and that you are ready to roll out a fantastic service.


What I’m talking about is “Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising”!


Or you can potentially sit back and watch some of your clients being poached by other accounting or consulting firms that are aware of the tremendous opportunities that are going to be available to the Australian accounting/business consulting industries from the opportunities that Crowd Sourced Funding presents.


ESS BIZTOOLS has been supplying business advisory services products to accountants since 1997.


Each year since then we have released a range of new products to keep accountants abreast of the latest developments in the commercial market which relate to small/medium enterprises.


The latest product is “Crowd Sourced Funding”!