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Sep 24, 2019

Attracting and keeping the right people is one of the four essential components of the “Life cycle of a business”! (Verne Harnish – “Scaling up”)

Most small business owners and management of medium sized enterprises need assistance in implementing strategies to employ great team members who can be developed as the leaders within the business.

Does your client have the “right people doing the right things” inside their businesses?

Assisting clients in every aspect of team member recruitment, training and leadership development is a value adding process that proactive accountants wanting to “add value” to clients can contribute.

This is all part of helping your client to run a better business.  Most small businesses and medium sized enterprises will not have a designated Human Resources Manager – this is an opportunity for your firm to be able to supply many of these services.

Where do you start in adding value to “People” in your client’s organisations?....


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