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Aug 21, 2020

How good is your relationship with your clients?

One of our keynote speakers in our COVID-19 Survival Panel webinar for accountants on Friday, 14th August 2020, Amanda Gascoigne is an experienced Chartered Accountant. She has been a small business owner for 21 years and had her own accounting practice for 18 years working primarily with SME clients. She has pivoted in recent years and now helps small and solo accounting practice owners have better practices and better lives and also helps them have better relationships with their clients through her coaching and mentoring business exclusive for accounting practice owners.

One thing that Amanda realised while in practice was that a large proportion of her new clients’ previous accountants, weren’t proactive in selling them advisory services. Their practice model was to simply provide the compliance services the clients asked for and they were hesitant to suggest value added services such as tax planning, budgeting and cashflow planning and business planning...


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