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May 29, 2015

The Federal government has launched a 12-month pilot program, Training for Employment Scholarship, in the outer metropolitan and regional areas.  This program is developed to assist the employment and training of young people by providing incentives to employers to take on new workers.

The scheme is available to businesses with under 200 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, located at the following areas:
•    New South Wales:
-    Central Coast
-    Hunter Valley (excluding Newcastle)
-    Sydney-Outer Western/Blue Mountains
•    Queensland:
-    Sunshine Coast
-    Ipswich
-    Townsville
•    Victoria:
-    Mornington Peninsula
-    Melbourne-West
•    South Australia:
-    Adelaide-North
•    Western Australia:
-    Perth-Southwest
•    Tasmania:
-    Launceston-Northeast

Participants in the training must be aged 18-24 years, be employed by the business, agree to undertake the training specified in the funding application and haven’t been in full-time employment or full-time study prior to commencing employment with the applicant business.

The training is to be provided for a 26-week period.

This is another example of specific training courses that are available for small/medium enterprise businesses that accountants about which they can alert their clients.

If you would like further details on the Training for Employment Scholarship, or if you would like a copy of our article relative to this program, please contact us.

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