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Feb 24, 2018

The recent announcement of the first group of Crowd-Sourced Funding Intermediaries has clearly signified to the small/medium enterprise community that, at long last, Crowd-Sourced Funding Equity Raising has commenced in Australia.

Crowd-Sourced Funding has joined Early Stage Innovation Companies as the two very significant corporate vehicles for small/medium enterprises to be able to raise capital from the public for their businesses.

As part of the capital raising process, many of these companies will be asked by potential investors "who is your Chief Financial Officer?" A significant number of these companies will probably not wish to employ a fulltime Chief Financial Officer, thus opening a significant window of opportunity for accountancy businesses/business advisers, who have embraced the concept of providing a broader range of commercial services, to be able to offer a virtual Chief Financial Officer service to the companies raising capital as well as other clients who are operating businesses which aspire to grow and other businesses with turnovers over $3M.