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Feb 20, 2018

The opportunities include varied, interesting work for your team and potentially new income streams from offering new types of services to your clients and prospects.

There is an opportunity to offer a new range of commercial services to assist small/medium enterprises to add value to their businesses.

In survey after survey over the last 15 years, SMEs have indicated that they require more professional services than just taxation.

SMEs are looking for assistance in running their businesses and adding value – they are looking for more commercial assistance from their accountants.

With today’s technology and communications, accountants can offer a range of services beyond taxation and, in some cases, your clients will be interested in talking to you about offering a virtual Chief Financial Officer Service.

I know that for many accountants this is a big step.  Many of you have spent all of your careers in accountancy businesses and are a little reluctant to offer commercial services to your clients. 

The real issue that you need to be concerned about is that the marketplace is changing.  Taxation is becoming more and more a commodity product! 

Accountants are in the fortunate position of being able to offer a broader range of services without having to receive any special licenses.