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Oct 12, 2016

Assistance is available for accountants and advisors to help you add value to your clients' businesses.  This is a continuation of the theme on "How can Accountants and Advisors add value to Clients Businesses?"  Some of the work relates to business advisory services and offering a virtual chief financial officer service.

Let me make a very important comment.  There have been some comments in accountancy media of recent times that proponents of business advisory services are forecasting the "absolute end of taxation as services for accountants".  Nothing could be further from the truth, as far as I'm concerned.  However, I do believe that there is going to be a downturn in the amount of revenue that's available for accountants and tax agents because of advances in technology, digital disruption.  What we're advocating is that accountants and advisors should be looking very closely at the alternative revenue streams that are available for you to develop new products.