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Apr 10, 2017

CCH iFirm presented a very interesting webinar earlier this week which raised a number of questions relating to how you might go about building a “Future Fit Accountancy Business”.


What do you need to create an outstanding accountancy business?

  • Curiosity
  • Focus on building value for your clients


How do you view challenges:

  • Threats?; or
  • Opportunities?


Many of these challenges will present opportunities if you have a good look at them.


These are opportunities that can add value to your clients as well as to your own business.


The best place to start to build a “Future Fit Accountancy Business” is with your current client base.

  • How could you better enrich your clients?
  • What client needs are you not meeting?
  • Do you plan to give your clients more than they want?
  • Is your team “curious” about what services your clients might want or about the industry in which your clients operate?