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May 17, 2015

The Federal government’s Industry Skills Fund is supporting businesses, from micro-businesses (less than 4 employees) through to large businesses (200+ employees), to undertake specific training to improve the skills capabilities of the business’ employees that will contribute to an improvement in the business’ performance.

Grants that are available are as follows:

·          Micro-businesses (0-4 full-time equivalent employees) – 75%

·          Small businesses (5-19 full-time equivalent employees) – 66%

·          Medium businesses (20-199 full-time equivalent employees) – 50%

·          Large businesses (200+ full-time equivalent employees) – 25%

Businesses need to identify the type of skills development that would be beneficial in their own businesses.  As the accountant for small/medium enterprises, perhaps you can participate in those planning deliberation and, eventually, be part of the team that deliver some of the skills development training.

The government has hired skills development officers who are located in the capital cities and major regional areas, to assist business operators in planning their skills development strategies.

If you would like to receive a copy of our paper on the Industry Skills Fund, please contact us.


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