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May 3, 2015

A prominent American Business Angel, speaking at a capital raising seminar in Melbourne some years ago, said, “Many businesses ignore professional selling at their peril.”

“Businesses need to be able to identify who their salespeople are.”

As accountancy businesses evolve from just taxation into a wider range of business activities, to assist small/medium enterprises to add-value, there will need to be a greater emphasis on the development of professional selling skills within accountancy businesses.

Whilst many small/medium enterprises have identified that they’re looking for a wider range of financial services, there’s no guarantee that those small/medium enterprises will automatically seek those services from the accountants who have traditionally prepared their taxation returns.

How will your clients know that you’re offering a wider range of professional services?

Most accountants would benefit by undertaking some professional sales training.  This could include:
•    Advice on how to increase the business’ revenue and the business’ profits.
•    Advice on how to avoid the major marketing mistakes most businesses make.
•    Suggestions on how to build a referral system.
•    Analysing your business’ “point of differentiation” so you can effectively market that difference to your marketplace.

There are many benefits from undertaking a professional sales training course and an added bonus is that you can get some of your clients to participate in the sales training course at the same time.  This will give your accounting team a detailed input into the type of issues that are confronting your clients.  Your small/medium enterprise clients will see that their accountants have a far-wider commercial focus than just concentrating on income tax returns.

If you’re interested in receiving additional information on professional sales training for accountants, please contact us.

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