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Nov 24, 2014

Last week, the Australian government’s Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Program released the details of the final grant, Accelerating Commercialisation.

Accelerating Commercialisation assists entrepreneurs, researchers, inventors, start-ups, commercialisation offices (associated with universities and research centres) and small/medium enterprises address the challenges associated with commercialising novel intellectual property, in the form of new product, process or service.

Grants of up to $1million are available on a 50% basis.

Applicants must have a combined annual turnover of $0 to $20million on a group basis for each of the last three years, prior to the lodgement of the application.  The applicant must have ownership or access to the beneficial use of any intellectual property that is necessary to carry out the project.  The applicant must be able to demonstrate its ability to fund at least 50% of the eligible expenditure of the project.  It’s not necessary to have all of the funding available at the beginning of the project, which can be completed over two years.

Grant funding is to assist the final development and market testing of the product, process or service, to assist in sales maximisation.

ESS BIZTOOLS is able to provide a wide range of papers on these grants, as well as other Federal, State and Territory grants.  Our associated business, ESS BIZGRANTS, assists in the identification of grants for which individual small/medium enterprises might be eligible.