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Nov 28, 2017

As accountancy businesses meet the challenges of going to the “next level”, accountancy firm leaders will need to refresh their leadership skills and knowledge to meet the ongoing challenges including:

  • digital disruption

  • competition

  • staff recruitment and motivation

  • some competitors outsourcing work overseas

  • what sort of services do we supply to our clients e.g:

  • Assistance to clients wishing to raise capital as Crowd Sourced Funding Companies or Early Stage Innovation Companies

  • Chief Financial Officer services

  • Risk Management Reviews – Personal Property Securities Register/Insurance Covers

  • Financial planning

  • Superannuation Fund Audits

  • Applying for an Intermediary’s Licence for Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Legislation

  • Other business advisory services


Cindy Hook the Australian CEO of Deloitte outlined her views on leadership recently, which included some of the following:


  • Be Purpose Led”

Make every individual feel a deep sense of purpose and involvement and feeling that they are appreciated for making a difference.


  • Be Bold”

Leaders must be able to set agendas and then power through the problems that emerge concentrating on positives not negatives.


  • Empower your Team”

whilst a leader needs to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses it is very important that the leader gives space to individual team members to enable them to grow.


  • Be Open-Minded”

Workforces are becoming more diverse – leaders must guard against becoming “close-minded” as they get older. To be an effective leader you have to be open-minded.


  • Foster an Inspiring Culture”

Leaders need to encourage those, for whom they are responsible, to develop their personal skills and confidence, if an organisation is going to be able to meet the challenges ahead - To become product champions or industry champions.


The challenge for accountancy firm leaders is to ensure that the team understand the direction that the firm wishes to go in and that the entire team have been encouraged to develop the skills that are going to be needed to enable the firm to deliver the “next level” of business advice in a clear manner with empathy to your small/medium enterprise clients.


ESS BIZTOOLS includes a separate Leadership Product Package developed by Peter McDougall AM, Managing Director of The Leadership Academy.


This package will assist partners, managers and team members to gain an understanding of the culture of leadership as it applies to accountancy businesses wanting to go to the “next level”.


You can view an overview on the ESS BIZTOOLS’ Leadership Package – click here.


Leadership for accountants wanting to go to the “next level” will be considered in our next free webinar – Equity Crowdfunding Forecast to Grow Tenfold in Just 5 Years!” - that is being presented on Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 12 noon AEST (1.00pm AEDT). To register please click here.